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Since being elected to D204 School Board in 2011 it is important to note that I have worked with amazing fellow school board members.  I can not take credit for any one of these successes as it was a collaborative effort with my fellow school board members, administrators, and staff members.  The majority of these School Board Accomplishments were achieved while D204 received reduced or pro-rated funding from the State of Illinois. 

School Board Accomplishments since 2011


  • Saved $34M in spending reductions and efficiencies
  • Saved taxpayers over $25M in additional debt reduction 
  • Since 2011 have kept property tax rates virtually flat 
  • Balanced budget every year despite reductions and pro-rating in State funding 
  • D204 maintains one of the lowest school district administrator rates in Illinois
  • D204 remains recognized as one of the most financially efficient school districts in the State
  • Since 2011 D204 has maintained the 2nd highest financial rating of Aa1
Educational and School Related
  • Since 2011 D204 has consistently ranked #5 Best (or higher) School District in Illinois. Ranked by Niche
  • Since 2011 D204 consistently ranks as one of the highest academic achieving districts of our comparable school districts
  • Since 2011 has consistently raised our academic achievement from year to year
  • Implementation of 1:1 technology in grades 2-12
  • Hired a Director of Educational Equity - one of the first school districts in Illinois
  • Creation of Engage 204 to receive guidance and feedback from our community on school board priorities
  • Installation of A/C at all of our elementary schools
  • In 2014 D204 began online and blended coursework called eLo led by our teachers and partnered with D203 and D200
  • 2016 Introduction of Equal Opportunity Schools to ensure all our students have the opportunity to succeed
  • 2018 began implementation of Portrait of a Graduate in D204
  • District Goal to hire and retain high quality, effective teachers, school leaders and support staff
  • Have successfully negotiated three staff contracts since 2011 in collaboration with our staff and staying within our budget
  • District Goal to ensure all students grow socially, emotionally, and academically
  • District Goal to be student and community focused and receive a grade of "A" or "B" from at least 95% of our community through a district survey
  • Creation of school board guiding principles to ensure all current and future D204 school board member are highly efficient and focused going forward
Personal School Board Accolades
  • D204 Board of Education Member 2011 - Present
  • Since 2014 I have been the D204 School Board Delegate Representative as selected by my fellow board members to advocate and lobby for D204 at the state level at the Illinois Association School Board Conference. 
  • 4-Time "IASB Outstanding School Board Governance Award" received by D204 School Board since 2014
  • In 2016 I was awarded "LeaderShop Academy Fellow" by the Illinois Association of School Boards.  In 2018 there were only 2% of all school board members in Illinois that have achieved this milestone.  Awarded to recognize a school board members continuous learning and development in the area of effective school district leadership. This is accomplished by taking a series of LeaderShop programs.  Academy Fellows will have demonstrated a commitment to acquiring knowledge, skills and resources that will enable them to reach the highest levels of school board performance
  • Since 2013 I've been recognized as a "Master School Board Member" for engagement and attending Illinois Association of School Board events, conferences, and workships
  • Secretary, D204 Board of Education, 2012-2013



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