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DAILY HERALD (link) ENDORSEMENT "It would be difficult to find a board member who puts in more time in a variety of ways than Mark Rising, first elected in 2011 but who has attended most of the board's meetings since 2006. He's earned his accolades as a stellar board member and continues to do more, such as representing the district's concerns at several Aurora planning meetings on the potential redevelopment and tax increment financing district along Route 59. Rising is endorsed."  Click here for Article


NAPERVILLE CHAMBER (link) ENDORSEMENT 2019-  “It is hard to find someone who has more passion or who has volunteered more for District 204’s students, educators, families and taxpayers than Mark Rising. Throughout his tenure the District has dealt with innumerable challenges, yet improved outcomes for students without overburdening taxpayers. Rising is a wealth of perspective and is a tireless advocate for the District. In the years ahead, Rising will keep a careful watch on the District’s budget and how economic development incentives in the area will impact the District’s ability to provide a first-class learning environment for students. Rising is an incredibly effective Board member and the District is fortunate he is willing to continue to serve, he is endorsed.”  Click here for Article


LORI PRICE ENDORSEMENT - "I've known Mark for over 10 years (even before we both served together on the school board). During that time, Mark has always been passionate about advocating for students and our entire district. He is knowledgeable about school finance, district policies, the "talks" in Springfield and their potential impact on District 204. Mark will look out for the best interests of 204 and deserves to be re-elected".  

- From Lori Price, Served on the D204 School Board from 2011 - 2018 and was President of the School Board from 2013-2017



March 9, 2015 -  The Daily Herald endorsed Mark Rising for IPSD 204 School Board. 

(Rising)...."who has served on the board since 2011. He brings a strong financial background to the board and has contributed to its efforts to find efficiencies."


March 11, 2011 - The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Commission (NACPAC) endorsed Mark Rising for IPSD 204 School Board.  

In their endorsement of Mark Rising they said the following.  "Mark Rising has been engaged and studying  D204 issues for years and would hit the ground running."

March 20, 2011 - The Daily Herald endorsed Mark Rising for IPSD 204 School Board.   

In the Daily Herald endorsement of Mark Rising they said the following.  "Rising is a regular at school board meetings and is well-versed in all issues."



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