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Goals and Priorities for the next 4 years 
Goals and priorities can only be accomplished by understanding the financial impact, student impact, staff impact and how it will be sustained. To make change requires experience in knowing how to effectively work with fellow board members and administration and I bring that background.  I'm committed advocating for these things with my fellow board members, administration and staff should I be re-elected. 

  • Continue to improve our academic achievement in D204
  • Maintain a balanced budget every year and live within our means as a school district
  • Continue to find financial efficiencies within D204's budget and within the district
  • Continue to ensure the maintenance of our buildings is maintained
  • Improve and increase the safety and security of our schools
  • Reduce class size
  • Find new ways to engage and communicate with our students, parents, and community
  • Hire and retain high quality, effective teachers, administrators, and support staff.  Training to improve their teaching and engage our students
  • D204 becomes a resource for our students and community as it relates to social and emotional issues
  • Continue to improve our District Equity Leadership Team goals and program, with the expectation of narrowing our achievement gap
  • Reduce discipline numbers.  Reduce out of schools suspensions below 1% district wide
  • Increase percentage of community members who rank D204 an "A" or a "B" to 97% from 95%
  • Commitment to improving our STEPS program (Supported Training Experiences Post Secondary)
  • Improve on our blended learning and individualized instruction for students